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WebKite is a company I worked with from 2012–14, creating a brand identity, working on products, and creating print and web collateral. They specialized in creating filterable, sortable interfaces for content.

Identity Collateral


WebKite Solutions

Briefly, WebKite pursued a more consultancy based approach to its core product, dubbed "WebKite Solutions."

Social Media

Plugin Examples

The product that WebKite developed while I was working with them was filterable, sortable lists that they eventually offered as a plugin for various services, primarily WordPress.


Blog Illustrations

Video Illustrations

Since I was already producing illustrations for advertisements and blog posts, it only made sense to provide assets to the marketing team for use in video.


Dashboard Concept

Before pivoting to a plugin model WebKite was looking to modernize what had become a pretty esoteric data management system. Prototyped with Bootstrap and with JS support from one of our developers, I created a working demo of what became the updated backend of the WebKite tool (seen here organizing trading cards).