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RIT Improv

I worked and performed with RIT Improv for a few years, refreshed their identity, created a lot of advertisements, and even made a website redesign.

The original logo designed by Jason Eberle featured a diamond, circle, duck, and square. The duck, having become something of a mascot for RITImprov as a whole was my focus for the redesign, with the shape sequence becoming a design flourish.


At first the idea was to have a shared structure across the umbrella organization RIT Improv as well as the troupes within it like BrainWreck Improv and The Improvessionals

But for ease of maintenance, simplicity of use, and to emphasize just how much improv was going on we settled on folding all information and activity into one site.

Show Posters

Illustration courtesy of Caitlin Nothhard.

Show Screens