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Rise of the Robotariat

Rise of Robotariat is the third release from Eye4Games, and the first cooperative game we published. For 3–5 players, it's a game about moving around a city to build up support for a robotic revolution.

Rise of the Robotariat logo



Each robot character took inspiration from different artistic references from either 20th century propoganda, pop culture, or fine art. The idea was to create a wide aesthetic that suited a cast of thrown together rebels from all corners.

Backer Characters

After completing the fundraising to produce Rise of the Robotariat we collected descriptions and stylistic references ranging from commedia dell'arte to punk magazines for characters inspired by several backers.


For the main campaign video, we produced a short animation inspired by propoganda films of the 20th century.


When developing Rise of the Robotariat, we came up with a lot of world details that our writer Jule wanted to showcase in the form of blog entries. So the website solution I arrived at needed to easily accommodate adding and sorting of posts. You can launch the site and learn how to play and read up on the backstory.


Having produced so much writing already, Jule and I worked to put together a novella presentation of the Rise of the Robotariat backstory.

Additional Credits

Game Design — Don Mitchell
System Design — Robert Karl, Jr.
Editing — Jule Pattison-Gordon