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Clairvoyance was the first (also technically second) game released by Eye4Games. Featuring a unique dice mechanic and a cast of psychics doing battle, I handled the graphic design, illustrations, packaging, and much of the flavor. It has received the Game Makers Guild Seal of Approval.


For the base game, I looked at


In addition to the base game, two expansions were released that added new cards and characters to the game. The first, "Collective Unconscious", featured Kickstarter backers and inspired material, while the second, "Akashic Arcadia", allowed us to broaden the character pool with some different mechanics and identities for players.


There were several videos produced for the game's Kickstarter campaign to encourage audience engagement. These came in the form of teasers, fake ads, and even a pseudo dating game.

The "Sebastian's Supernatural Soiree" videos were particularly collaborative, featuring scripts from Jule Pattison-Gordon, sprite animation from Kalia Pickett, and background art and character design assistance for the spirits from Tori Larson.


So that potential players could easily learn what Clairvoyance was all about, I created a website to showcase the rules, calls to action, and miscellanea. You can launch the site and learn how to play, what sort of spirit you'd wind up with, or view all of the videos produced for the game in a convenient gallery.

Additional Credits

Game Design — Don Mitchell
System Design — Robert Karl, Jr.
Editing — Jule Pattison-Gordon